EO New Delhi Social Media Policy

Trust and respect are core values of EO. This is to ensure we build a safe haven for learning and growth. This policy is in place to ensure that these core values are not compromised. This policy deals with the use of all forms of social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Wikipedia, WhatsApp, BBM and all other social networking sites, internet postings, blogs and messaging apps.  This policy applies to a Member and Spouse. In addition, it is the responsibility of each Member/Spouse to ensure that any relative or guest who attends any EO activity also adheres to this policy.All Members and Spouses are responsible for the success of this policy and should ensure that they take the time to read and understand it. Any misuse of social media should be reported to the EO Board in the form and manner provided below.

Guidelines for Responsible Use of Social Media Platforms

A. EO New Delhi Social Media Platforms

EO New Delhi WhatsApp groups and Facebook pages which have been created by EO New Delhi for Members and/or Spouses are the only authorised social media platforms. On such closed user group platforms, you are free to share your comments, photographs, videos, etc. However, you are prohibited from using any such platforms for:
(a) engaging in any illegal activities or promoting activities that are dangerous and illegal, such as, the sale of illegal drugs;
(b) engaging in any form of hate speech;
(c) engaging in harassing, bullying or threatening behaviour (including conduct intended to insult or embarrass any person);
(d) sharing any person’s confidential information without their permission;
(e) sharing sexually explicit material (including mature or offensive content); and
(f) transmitting any viruses, malware or any other malicious or destructive code.  Social media should never be used in a way that breaches any of our other policies (such as, the EO non-solicitation policy). If an internet post would breach any of our policies in another forum, it will also breach them in an online forum. EO may share photographs, videos or audio recordings of EO events, excursions or other activities on closed or open social media platforms without permission of Members and/or Spouses. EO shall endeavour to ensure that its use of social media platforms will not cause any harm or injury to any person.

B. Other Social Media Platforms

The terms below apply to any social media platforms other than those created by EO New Delhi for Members and/or Spouses,such as, Member created WhatsApp groups, other WhatsApp group that you may be a participant in or your own Facebook page. You must not use social media to defame or disparage EO or our staff, Members/Spouses; to harass, bully or unlawfully discriminate against our staff or Members/Spouses; to make false or misleading statements; or to impersonate our staff or Members/Spouses. You must not include our logos or other trademarks in any social media posting or in your profile on any social media, without prior permission. You are allowed to post videos, photographs and audio recordings of events, excursions and other EO activities, provided:
(a) it has not been specifically restricted by the Day Chair / Learning Chair / President/Speaker;
(b) it does not feature any other Member or Spouse or their relatives/guests unless prior permission has been obtained;
(c) it does not disclose any confidential information If you are uncertain or concerned about the appropriateness of any statements or posting proposed to be shared by you on any social media platform, refrain from posting it until you have discussed it with you’re a member of the EO staff.

Breach of this Policy

Any violation of this policy should be reported in writing to the EO New Delhi Board with a copy of the offending materials. The EO New Delhi Board may on receipt of such a complaint or suomotu issue a show cause notice to the allegedly offending Member or Spouse and investigate the matter. Any Member or Spouse suspected of committing a breach of this policy will be required to co-operate with our investigation, which may involve handing over relevant passwords and login details. Breach of this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of membership. The decision of the EO New Delhi Board in this regard shall be final.  You may be required to remove any social media content that we consider to constitute a breach of this policy. Failure to comply with such a request may in itself result in disciplinary action.