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Please send a Cheque of Rs. 21,240/- (18,000 + GST) in favour of “Entrepreneurs Organisation (New Delhi)” and send to Mr. Rahul Gupta,

U-5A, Basement, Green Park Main,

New Delhi – 110016

Note : The application will ONLY be processed once the cheque is received.

The Amount is adjustable in the Joining Fee, if the candidate is selected.

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if "yes" please specify the chapter and year applied in.

Upon receipt of your application, the Membership Chair may contact these references. Thank you for your time in completing this application.
I certify that all information contained in this application is correct and I understand that if approved, I will be required to complete a formal application for EO membership.

Please note: Incomplete forms and submissions without complete disclosure are prone to being rejected by the EO New Delhi Board. We strongly encourage you to spend time in completing this pre-application form if you are sincere in your application for membership