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Paul Parmar and the Pegasus Story

Paul Parmar and the Pegasus Story
Pegasus, the legendary mythical winged horse, fills our imaginations with images of power, excitement, and wonder. Whether transporting Zeus through the skies or shooting lighting bolts of energy down to earth, this grand creature has always painted an imagery of possibilities.

Paul Parmar, founder and chairman of the $3.3 Billion Pegasus Blue Star Fund, embodies the spirit of this mythical icon. Like Pegasus, Parmar enjoys flying through the sky. A trained fighter pilot, he still flies planes and owns the 2nd largest private aviation company in the United States in addition to the fleet of 3 personal jets. Also like Pegasus, he purposefully directs his energy like a lightning bolt into a myriad of companies in multitude of industries, ranging from media to health care to defence to high-end luxury products, hoping to bring them to greater heights of success.

Paul Parmar
Pegasus Blue Star Fund, is a private equity investor and business strategist. Parmar got his start in 1995, when at the age of 25 he founded the management consulting firm Pegasus Consulting Group (www.pegausconsultinggroup.com) ("PCG"). PCG helps the world's leading companies optimize corporate strategies and processes. Starting with no financial backing or family money, Parmar quickly grew PCG into a market leader, with over 700 employees in seven countries and a client list of Global 500 companies.

Paul Parmar currently resides in Colts Neck, New Jersey and maintains residences at Lighthouse Point, Florida,Neuchatel, Switzerland, Mineola, Texas and New Delhi, India. Paul is a lover of all animals, and enjoys spending time with his five dogs and in 2007 Mr. Parmar bought 140 acres in Mineola, Texas, and is spending $20 million to begin building a refuge there for abused tigers.

Hear the true story of this entrepreneur from the man himself at CIBO, Hotel Jan path which has been exclusively blocked for EO .The romance of the Italian inspired courtyard gives way to sophistication as you step indoors to a gold toned island bar. This swish Italian restaurant by Rohit BAL offers the best Italian selection in town. Chef Andrea has promised that the evening would be a gourmet's delight with a grand buffet showcasing the best of Cibo.

Event Plan
Venue: Cibo, Hotel Janpath
Day & Date: Friday August 15, 2009
Time: 8:15 p.m.


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