Chapter Events

The monthly learning events have been both entertaining and educational on an array of fronts. I have gained new insight into what I am doing right now, and how I can improve the way my business grapples with some of the day-to-day challenges that any growing business encounters. Steve Savad, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Travelzoo EO New York As an EO member, you’re not only a part of the global organization— you’re a part of a thriving local chapter! Entrepreneurs like you are hard at work in your local area, creating exciting chapter learning and social events, as well as special off-site activities, where you can hear and share big ideas, invest in the health of your community and become a better leader. What’s more, the peer interaction and educational opportunities at these events will help you become a well-rounded entrepreneur by expanding your network and improving upon your business knowledge.

Each of EO’s 167

chapters host a wide variety of local events designed to help members learn and grow as business leaders. Throughout the year, multiple chapters band together to create regional events that rival the best business-networking conferences in the world. Upon joining EO, you will be surrounded by entrepreneurs of all stages, all of whom are eager to make a mark through “wow” events in your city. You’ve heard the buzz. Perhaps you’ve even attended an EO event.

Multi-Chapter Events

These engaging events are typically organized around specific themes or experiences and offer a rich environment for networking. Some multi-chapter events are set up to build alignment between specific chapters, while others may be open to any EO member in the region or beyond.